Vacuum Bags


This form of packaging is far less rigid. Products remain fresher for longer as excess air is removed from packaging.

Technical Aspects

Over the years businesses have moved from ordinary plastic bags for packaging to Vacuum packaging to ensure that the freshness of good are preserved for longer.
The process of Vacuum packaging includes removing surplus air within plastic pouch prior to final sealing. By making use of nitrogen, which is a form of inert gas t helps prevent the crushing of delicate foods. Vacuum bag options here at Swiss Pac are between our stock packaging materials and our custom vacuum bag options. Graphical assistance from staff is also provided. All customization for vacuum packaging bags have the option of lamination. Plastic used in the manufacturing process include;

  • BOPP
  • BOPA

Product Usage

Vacuum packaging bags are eye catching as they reflect a certain shine; vacuum packaging bags are more frequently used for flexible and rigid packaging. Vacuum packaging bags are primarily used to preserve fresh produce as;

  • Sea food
  • Beef, pork
  • Dates and fruit products

Gourmet food packaging is mostly used in the vacuum packaging bags .The uses of vacuum packaging bags are not only beneficial in ways such as easier packaging and transportation of goods to corporations, but are a health conscious choice as it prevents bacteria from entering the sealed bags. Vacuum packaging bags serve as a safeguard to produce.

Product Identification

Vacuum packaging bags are manufactured by using multilayer films. Vacuum packaging bags can be customized by having the following; euroslot, cut-out handles to ensure comfortable handling. The pouches that are made available for vacuum packaging bags include;

  • Three sided seal bags
  • Stand up pouches
  • Side gusset bags and more

Vacuum textiles can be produced as clear/ clear frosted or frosted. Surface printing will be done on the packaging design. Making use of vacuum packaging bags elongates shelf life of goods. Make sure to indicate what size pouch you would want to order, as the size variations range from; 50gr, 70 gr, 100 gr, 150 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr, and 1 kg. Options like laminated or co-extruded vacuum packaging bags are offered, even though co-extruded bags are at a more affordable price. They do not however have the option of having graphical imprinting, but surface printing is made available.

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