Quad Seal Bags


Quad Seal Bags are sealed on all four sides making them more secure than most packaging bags. This has become a favourite selection amongst consumers

Technical Aspects

Quad seal bags would be another term used to refer to our four sided sealed bags. Four sided seal bags have been the more prominent choice to choose amongst various packaging options as they are a very modern form of packaging designs. It can be seen as an excellent promotional packaging tool to use. The Four sided sealed bags are capable and more secure than other packaging pouches, to contain the contents of the packaging as it is sealed on all four sides of the pouch. Upon ordering Swiss Pac’s four sided seal bags please bear in mind that a minimum order quantity is 10000 units. Only a custom form is made available in this packing option, bags can be customized to meet the required needs of each enterprise.

Product Usage

Degassing valves can be customized to our four side seal bags which will help with the preserving of contents within pouches and assist with the endurance of pouches. Four side seal bags are manufactured for the purpose of packaging products such as;

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fertilizer
  • Chocolate nuts
  • Protein powder and much more

Four side seal bags are shelf friendly as they make displays look more systematic and luring. Customization of four sided seal bags can be made more convenient with; euro hooks, hanging holes. The option of modifying square corners of the four sided seal bags to round corners are also made available.

Product Identification

Four sided sealed bags are one of our popular custom packaging offers and are printed in the following material variations;

  • White paper
  • Brown Kraft paper
  • Plastic
  • Polyester film
  • Metallization
  • BOPA film

The basic form that the four side sealed bag takes would be a four sided pouch of which all four sides are sealed, while one side remains open until contents have been added. This packaging type takes the form of a box -pouch form and has the graphics imprinted on the pouch. The seal that was previously left open will be sealed with a heat sealer once contents have been inserted.

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