Three Side Seal Bags

Three Side Bags

Three sided bags are commonly used to package spices and creams but are not limited to only those products, as this form of packaging is consumer friendly and can be used to package a variety of products.

Technical Aspects

Three sided sealed bags are the most frequently used amongst the packaging types. Stock and custom three sided seal bags options are made available at Swiss Pac for our flexible packaging. Three sided sealed bags are bags that can be modified with zippers or can be without, clear specifications should be provided upon ordering. Three sided sealed bags must be ordered in a quantity of 10000 units. Various sizes of three sided sealed bags are available ranging from very small bags to 25kg size bags. Throughout the manufacturing processes of three sided sealed bags, plastic materials such as; MET, PPE, PE, BOPP, BOPA are used.

Product Usage

It is also one of the most favoured choices of packaging amongst consumers as it is cost effective and space efficient. Metallic layer inclusive are one of the options made available for three sided seal bags, which enhances product shelf life. Three sided seal bags are convenient for the packaging of products like;

  • Coffee capsules
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Sugar
  • Organic products
  • Tea bags
  • Frozen goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Coffee pods and much more

Product Identification

Three sided seal bags are packaging pouches that have three sides that seal, of which three sides are of equal length. This packaging pouch is described as a three sided seal bag because all three sides are sealed. One of the sides will remain open, until contents are within the pouch. Heat sealers can be used to seal the three sided sealed bags after their content have been inserted. Modifications which can be made to three sided sealed bags to enhance the convenience of packaging include;

  • Hanging options
  • Handles
  • Euroslot
  • Zippers

Windows are another modification that can be fixed to customized three sided sealed bags to enhance the convenience of use. Different packaging material forms can be used when producing three sided bags, dependent on the contents products. Materials are listed amongst;

  • Brown paper
  • White paper
  • Nylon
  • Transparent paper
  • Metalized and non-metalized pouches.

1 Gram Three Side Seal Bags With Zipper.Size : 59mm Width x 75mm Height

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