Coffee Bags


For long lastingness of coffee taste, flavor and freshness, pouches with the capability to long last be the significant need for the packaging of coffee. Coffee is grown in extreme distinct atmosphere for the best quality coffee product. Coffee bags for the packaging of coffee take the significant part in packaging. Precisely, when these packages reach to the market consumer, coffee flavor must fragrant and taste the same as if it is directly exported from the coffee gardens. Here comes the Swiss Pac, which gives total customer satisfaction to fulfill all the above mentioned needs. Swiss Pac manufactures extremely high qualified coffee bags in different sizes i.e. 100gms, 250gms, 500gms, 1kg and shapes with tin tie application. Coffee beans or processed Coffee or any other product of Coffee i.e. any type of coffee/tea product can be packed using Swiss Pac packages.

Packaging available for:

  • Whole Bean Coffee Packaging Bags
  • Stand Up Bags for Roasted Coffee
  • Ground Coffee Pouches
  • Flavored Coffee Pouches
  • Organic Coffee Packaging
  • Loose Coffee Packaging

Technical details:

Coffee bags are available in below type material:

  • Metallic Layer
  • Kraft paper
  • Brown Kraft Paper
  • Euro Slot

Below Functionalities can be added in pouches:

  • With Zipper
  • Without Zipper
  • Transparent Oval Window
  • With Valve
  • Without Valve
  • Application of tin tie

Available colors for pouches:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Matt Silver
  • Golden
  • Other as per requirement

Detailed Technical Description:

  • Coffee Bags are made up with the mixture of mainly three distinct layers:
    • PET(Polyethylene)
    • Metalized PET
    • Poly(Polyester)
    • Matt BOPP
    • Metalized PET
    • Poly
    • PET
    • Matt Metalized PET
    • Poly
    • Shiny BOPP
    • Metalized PET
    • Poly

For customer needs we offer two types of ordering techniques:

  • Stock pouches:

    In this category, customer is supposed to give the order only. The design, color and other features will be designed by the company experts with the verification from the customer company.

  • Custom pouches:

    Coffee bags design and details can be provided by the customer for their needs and requirements. Coffee bags pouches will be provided according to customer requirements.


  • For the ordering to Swiss Pac minimum order should be 10,000 to 14,000 units.


Bag size available: 28gms to 4000gms.


  • Better than common flexible pouches
  • Available ordering flexibility
  • Delivery on time
  • Expected customer satisfaction
  • Expected Quality and Result

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