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Maintain the Freshness of Your Coffee by Using Our Coffee Bags

Maintain the Freshness of Your Coffee by Using Our Coffee Bags

Maintain the Freshness of Your Coffee by Using Our Coffee Bags

Coffee was being grown in Yemeni district of Arabia in 15th century. And by 16th century it was known in Persia, Egypt, Syria and turkey. And now a day Coffee is not only drunk in homes but also in the many public coffee houses. The main thing about coffee is its aroma and taste. And aroma of the coffee is totally depending on the packaging. If there are odors in coffee then no one likes to drink. So choosing effective and high barrier coffee bags is utmost important for you to maintain the freshness, flavor and aroma of your coffee for longer time.

Swiss pack has been manufacturing and supplying various types of packages for the coffee. It would be very effective and beneficial to pack your coffee in our coffee packaging bags instead of cans and other rigid packaging solutions. We provide our coffee bags with different features like metallic layer, re-sealable zipper, clear oval window, one way degassing valve and euro slot. And these pouches are most preferable because they will not allow outside moisture or air to enter in it.

Coffee Bags

We believe in customer satisfaction. We have been providing two types of coffee bag packaging bags one is stock and the other is custom printed. We have a new and advanced technique for custom packaging it’s a rotogravure. In custom packaging we are able to print logo and brand name as per the company requirement and it would be the most effective part of marketing. There are also matt, glossy and shiny finished bags and transparent bags available as per our customer’s demands.

Our coffee bags are available with one way degassing valves. These valves help to release co2 from the bag don’t allow the outside moisture or air to enter into the bags. So our bags are of high quality, durable and eco-friendly. After complete manufacturing, we have the testing department to check the bags and after that they will be provided to customers. So we provide the perfect coffee bags.

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    Feb 20, 2019

    Very nice and knowledgeable post sir.
    Thank you sir.


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